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Item: 2007.2804
Title: Print
Creator: unknown

Front: Drawing in black ink and some pencil on board of map of Rhode Island with cartoon illustrations with city and town names, along with text throughout. PUL corner with text in black ink reads: " AN INACCURATE MAP OF / RHODE ISLAND / SCALE / _ _ _ _ _ _ / PART OF A MILE / COMPILED BY NEHI / IN HIS EXTENSIVE / STUDY OF LITTLE RHODY / LORING / Jan. '27 / COURTESY OF THE / EVENING BULLETIN" with "N/S/E/W" below. Along lower edge written in pencil: "Editor's Note: No Editor ever assumes responsibility for a cartoonist's spelling." Written in black pencil along PR @ center: "4 col @ / Tues - ". Some scratching out in pencil and erasures throughout. Back: rough (draft?) drawing of map in pencil.

Date: not specified
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